• Increase Employee Productivity
  • Maximize Company Culture
  • Promote Employee Wellness
  • Emphasize Healthy Choices

Zero Cost To Employers

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What Is A Micro Market?

Ready for more productive employees? A micro market fits perfectly within your workplace breakroom and utilizes a self-checkout kiosk to offer employees a wide range of healthy sandwiches and salads, beverages, and sweet and savory snacks. Micro markets are proven to build employee morale and offer real-time savings that lead to a happier and more focused work environment.

How Does Micro Market Improve Your Business?

Reinventing Your Workplace Breakroom

Micro Market Benefits - Increase Efficiency, Productivity & Workflow

Increase Efficiency, Productivity & Workflow

Poor lunch habits can cost up to 20% in lost productivity. A Micro Market encourage better lunch habits through healthier options leading to improved productivity and refreshed employees.

– Stats By International Labour Office
Micro Market Benefits - Provide Convenience

Provide Convenience For Employees

Employees spend up to 240 hours per year thinking about lunch options. A Micro Market offers employees a convenient lunch option, which will help reduce wasted time.

– Stats By One Poll
Micro Market Benefits - Attract Higher Quality Employees

Attract Higher Quality Employees

35% of candidates stated company culture would drive them to pick one company over another. A Micro Market helps to make employees feel more valued which leads to improved company culture.

– Stats By GlassDoor
Micro Market Benefits - Increase Employee Appreciation

Increase Employee Appreciation

Over 1/3rd of employees don’t feel encouraged to take proper lunch breaks. A Micro Market will encourage employees to take proper breaks leading to them feeling more appreciated.

– Stats By Tork
Micro Market Benefits - Create a Strong Company Culture

Create a Strong Company Culture

81% of employees that take a regular lunch have the desire to be an active member of the company. A Micro Market promotes regular lunch habits for employees leading to improved company culture.

– Stats By Tork
Micro Market Benefits - Retain Staff

Provide Convenient On-Site Lunchroom Option

The average off-site lunch is approximately 1 hour long. Lunches that are taken on-site average 30 minutes. A Micro Market encourages employees to have lunch on-site leading to less downtime.

Micro Market Benefits - Offer a Collaborative Space

Offer A Collaborative Space

Shared meals create a sense of community and are a form of social glue. Having a lunchroom is a potential source for enhancing team performance.

– Study By Cornell University
Micro Market Benefits - Provide Healthy Options

Provide Healthy Options For Employees

On average healthier employees cost 82% less in medical costs per year compared to unhealthy employees. A Micro Market offers healthy options encouraging employees to make better decisions.

– Stats By NorthEast Business Group



Find Your Perfect Layout Option

Every workplace is unique, with different sizes, layouts, and amounts of employees. That’s why Brothers Micro Markets offers several package options to best serve you. Get familiarized with our selection of coolers, coffee fixtures, and slatwalls that will fit your specific space best.

Companies Enjoying Micro Market Benefits

Bothers Micro Market at Star Wagons
Bothers Micro Market at Next On Lex
Bothers Micro Market at Alliance Residential Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Cost Me As An Employer?

Absolutely nothing! The Micro Market is set up and run completely free of charge to you. We cover all the set up costs from beginning to end.

How Does Brothers Micro Market Generate Revenue?

Brothers Distribution generates revenue off of the sales of any items sold within our Micro Market location.

What Do We Need To Provide?

All that is required from you is a space within your building for us to set up your Micro Market as well as power outlets and Ethernet port.

How Long Does It Take For The Micro Market To Be Up & Running?

Most Micro Markets can be up and running within 3 weeks of when your order is placed.

What If We Don’t Have A Large Space For The Micro Market?

The beauty of the Micro Market is that we have package configurations that can fit most spaces whether large or small. All of our Micro Markets are completely customizable to smoothly fit within your provided space.

Do We Have The Ability To Choose What Foods & Beverages Are Stocked?

Yes! Everything about the Micro Market is completely customizable including your food and beverage choices. We have over 1,000 items for you to choose from!

Who Takes Care Of Restocking The Micro Market?

To ensure fresh food is always stocked for your staff, we use our Brothers Distribution infrastructure system to make timely deliveries to your Micro Market.

Do You Offer Kosher Options?

Yes we do! We know how important it is for people to eat according to their beliefs so Brothers Distribution makes it a point to have something for everyone!

Do You Offer Healthy Options?

Of course! Our Micro Markets have a selection of fresh sandwiches, snacks, and beverages tailored for health conscious employees!

How Do Employees Pay

Our secure and easy-to-use payment kiosk offers several payment methods (cash, debit/credit card). Employees can also set up a profile with their preferred payment method saved on the kiosk if they wish.

How Do You Deal With Theft?

Theft is a part of the cost of business. We expect a 3% loss, which we cover. We install security cameras, at no cost to you, to help deter any theft.

Why Choose Brothers Micro Market?

With the backing of Brothers Distribution, a 35-year-old company, we offer a vast assortment of goods to provide a contemporary solution to better your business.

Who Is Brothers Markets?

With over 35 years of experience delivering to and servicing customers with specialty foods, pastries, and beverages, Brothers Distribution has expanded to now bring a new breakroom experience to businesses with its new division, Brothers Micro Markets. Providing custom fixtures, kiosks, coolers, and a limitless assortment of food and beverages to please tastes of all kinds!

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